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Title: Reclaimed (1/?)
Author: albion_forever
Rating: PG with a view to becoming NC17 in later chapters.
Word count: 4000 ish
Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, just borrowing them. No profit is being made, it's just for fun.
Authors Notes: This is my first fic in around 6 years, probably longer. It's the first piece of writing I've done in 3 years, I'm trying to ease back in. It's not particularly canon, I pretty much went for the pick and choose approach... Enjoy.

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Sep. 1st, 2006

Title: Flatmates with Benefits - Three
Pairing: P/C so close.......
Genre: Pre fame fluff. bit of something else this time. not sure if it were what you would call ‘angst’ exactly but less happy anyway...
Beta: None this time. I wanted to post quick as possible before i forgot.
Rating: E i think. bit of language though
Teaser: ‘He’s my best friend for fuck's sake! I should not be thinking things like that about him.’

Flatmates With Benefits - Part ThreeCollapse )

Jul. 19th, 2006

Title: Flatmates with Benefits - Two
Pairing: P/C getting there.....
Genre: Pre fame fluff
Beta: The wonderful quiet_ramblings
Rating: E i think. bit of language though
Teaser: I didn’t use all the water up, you could always have a cold shower”
Peter smirked at him and turned back to his journal. Carl scowled and flashed Pete two fingers.

Flatmates With BenefitsCollapse )

first fic.

Flatmates with Benefits - Part One

When Peter got home that night, or morning really, he found Carl, lying curled up on the sofa sleeping peacefully, an angelic expression on his face. Pete moved into the room and sat himself in the chair adjacent to where Carlos was sleeping.

Peter sat there watching Carl sleep, longer than he’d meant to, it seemed, because when he glanced at his watch he saw the time had jumped from 2:30am to 3:15am without him noticing. Pete wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol that made him do what he did next, but, whatever it was, it was nice. He stood up, strode over to Carl and laid a small, soft kiss on both of Carl’s eyelids and then another, slightly firmer kiss on his soft lips. When Carl merely mumbled and batted at him, before rolling over and continuing to sleep, he sighed and moved through to his bedroom. The minute his head hit the pillow he was asleep, dreaming of his Carlos, his Biggles.

Carl woke up some time later, Yawning and stretching, letting his eyes become accustomed to the dark. He tried to remember why exactly he was sleeping on Pete’s sofa but, for the life of him, couldn’t. He wandered through to the kitchen/dining area. Which, really, was just a row of units in a corner of the living room but Pete would insist on calling it a kitchen diner, Carl doubted anyone had ever eaten in it, preferring, instead, to move through to the couch which, apart from probably being more hygienic anyway, was more comfortable. Carl sat himself down in front of the television with his bowl of cereal and proceeded to watch some very old episodes of ‘Catch The Pigeon’.

“Morning Carlos m’dear.”

Pete entered the room wearing a pair of low-rise boxer shorts and a to-small T-shirt. Carl tried his very best not to stare at his best friend as he weaved across the room and into the “kitchen”.

“I see you’ve helped yourself to my food then. Pray tell Carl, why exactly were you sleeping on my couch last night? Not that I minded or anything.....”

Carl mumbled something into a mouthful of cereal and looked down at the floor.

“Didn’t quite catch that. Care to repeat it?”

“I said I’ve been kicked out my flat and I’ve nowhere to stay. Was wondering if I could stay here, just while I get myself sorted an that yeah?”

When Carl said this Peter’s face lit up and he beamed at Carl.

“Of course you can, idiot! Would I turn my bestest friend in the whole world out onto the dark and dangerous streets of London? You’d probably end up getting raped or something while you were sleeping! Course, that could happen here but at least you’d know who it was.....”

Pete gave Carl a saucy wink before continuing.

“I’ll make sure you come to no harm! I can be like your guardian angel or summat!”

Carl gave Pete his special Carlos-is-not-amused look but a slow grin soon began to spread across his features.
“Well I’m most grateful. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to find a flat but i’ll go down the housing place tomorrow and see what they’ve got.”

“Well your welcome to stay here as long as you want! but you might have to chip in for the rent and maybe sometimes you could bring in bread and the like yeah?”

“Brilliant! Right, Where's that tea then.....”
Carl settled himself further into the couch while Pete set about making the tea.

Inside, Carl was ecstatic. He couldn’t think of anything better than sharing a flat with Peter, however short term it might be. Well, he could think of one thing that might be better........

To be continued if you like it!
comments appreciated, bad and good.



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